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6 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 6 minutes read time.

8 min read

A Lifestyle

When his key breaks off on the inside of his apartment, the narrator must fight bureaucracy and apathy in increasingly desperate attempts to

6 min read

A Psychological Crusade

A renegade experimental psycologist explains how to inflict his methods on the general public.

4 min read

Time, Again

"Before we met, you showed me your diary."

5 min read

Filboid Studge

An aspiring groom is given the task of designing an advertising campaign for the most disgusting cereal ever created.

4 min read


A woman talks about her marriage.

5 min read

Someone To Care For

It isn’t always easy having someone to care for.

7 min read

The Byzantine Omelette

Socialist principles come in conflict with the demands of high society.

7 min read

A Psychological Shipwreck

A man sets sail from Liverpool to New York on 'The Morrow' where he becomes attracted to a strange young woman.

5 min read

The Spirit of Emulation

* Story contains bad language

Rivalry erupts amongst the inhabitants of an apartment building.

4 min read

Elvis Died at the Florida Barber College

* Story contains bad language

A young boy's attempt to model himself on Elvis highlights the realities of life in an orphange.

5 min read

In Country

Moving day for Danny and his father.

7 min read


An absent-minded old lady forgets where she left her niece.