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6 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 6 minutes read time.

4 min read

The Image Of The Lost Soul

A sweet-voiced but lonely bird finds refuge with an isolated statue.

7 min read

The Mappined Life

On a visit to the zoo, an aunt and her niece discuss to what extent animals are fooled by the illusion of a natural habitat - and soon spot

7 min read

The Occasional Garden

The Baroness gives Elinor Rapsley some advice on dealing with her troublesome garden.

4 min read

The Kiss

What feelings lie behind a kiss?

5 min read


An enchanted elf helps a miller's daughter turn straw into gold... for a price.

7 min read

Angel's Landing

The only reason I decided to sign up for the geology field trip was because Lauren’s name was on the sheet, two slots up. I printed my name, Nic Colter, and...