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60 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 60 minutes read time.

61 min read

The Messenger

* Story contains bad language

On the rugged Brittany coast, thirty-eight skulls are found buried.

56 min read

The Haunted House

* Story contains bad language

A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted country house; soon the servants are scared witless but the master is not convinced. Plays with d

60 min read

Aaron Trow

Adventure story following the circumstances surrounding the escape of a notorious prisoner from his Bermudan jail.

70 min read

Connor + Jenny

* Story contains bad language

"Sometimes I wonder if there's ever an exact moment when your life changes"

53 min read

The Ancient Burial Grounds of Tonopah

* Story contains bad language

Grady drives out into the desert in search of gold.

61 min read

Amy Foster

* Story contains bad language

A young girl falls in love with a mysterious stranger, shipwrecked in the bay near her village.