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9 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 9 minutes read time.

7 min read

The Byzantine Omelette

Socialist principles come in conflict with the demands of high society.

7 min read

A Psychological Shipwreck

A man sets sail from Liverpool to New York on 'The Morrow' where he becomes attracted to a strange young woman.

11 min read

The Nightingale and the Rose

A romantic nightingale comes to the aid of a lovesick student who has a single day to find a red rose.

11 min read

The Mechanic, The Substitute and The Arsonist

* Story contains bad language

Three very different lives intersect.

10 min read

The Poet And The Peasant

A country boy arrives in the city - but is mistaken for a confidence trickster.

7 min read


An absent-minded old lady forgets where she left her niece.

10 min read

The Unrest-Cure

When Clovis overhears a middle-aged man bemoaning the lack of excitment in his life, he decides to help out. And then some.

10 min read

The Great Bell

Humorous parable about a king who unwisely seeks advice from his subjects on a tough engineering problem.

7 min read

The Mappined Life

On a visit to the zoo, an aunt and her niece discuss to what extent animals are fooled by the illusion of a natural habitat - and soon spot

7 min read

The Occasional Garden

The Baroness gives Elinor Rapsley some advice on dealing with her troublesome garden.

10 min read

The She-Wolf

When Leonard Bilsiter claims to wield enormous powers - conferred on him by a mastery of Siberian Magic - Clovis decides to set the record s

10 min read

What Stumped the Bluejays

Animals talk to eachother, of course. An expert tells of one particularly verbal creature.