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Andrew and White Horse

One day Andrew was out in his yard. He was watering some flowers.

There was a clop, clop behind him. He looked and there stood a white horse with wings.

“Hello,” said the white horse with wings. “I am White Horse.”

“Hello,” said Andrew. “I am Andrew. What can I do for you?” Andrew tried to be brave but was a little scared of the big talking horse.

“We are looking for a boy to help us. We need you to ride our young horses. They need to feel what it is like to have a person on their back,” said White Horse.

“Have you had a boy ride your young horses before?” asked Andrew.

“Yes, we have, but he has grown up now. So we need a new boy to help us,” said White Horse.

“I could maybe help you. I love to ride horses.

Only, I have never ridden a horse with wings,” said Andrew.

“I will let you feel what it is like,” said White Horse. “Hop up on my back.”

Andrew hopped up on White Horse’s back. The horse flapped his two huge wings, and they were off.

Up, up, up into the sky they flew.

“This is grand,” said Andrew. “You fly so well. I feel like I am floating across the sky.”

“Yes, this is how the young horses should learn to fly with a person on their back,” said White Horse.

“Now let me take you back home.”

White Horse landed back in Andrew’s yard.

Andrew jumped off the flying horse.

“Yes, I can help you teach your young horses,” said Andrew. “Do we go now?”

“It is good that you will help us. Thank you,

Andrew,” said White Horse. “The young horses only fly at night in the moonlight. I will come and get you when you are dreaming. I must go now.” White

Horse flapped his huge wings and went up into the sky.

Andrew opened his eyes. He was lying in the shade of a big tree in his yard.

“I must have been dreaming,” said Andrew. “But White Horse seemed so real.”

He went into his home. That very night when he was asleep, White Horse came into his room and got Andrew. They flew to the land of flying horses.

Andrew rode five young horses that night. At first the young horses did not fly well with Andrew on their back. But after a little while, they learned how to fly well with him. White Horse took Andrew back to his room, and Andrew went back to sleep.

Now, two or three nights each week, White

Horse comes and gets Andrew to help him teach the young horses. Andrew loves helping the young horses learn how to fly with a person on their back. He is having fun.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.