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Short Stories

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9 min read

The Sheep

Rupert becomes increasingly hateful towards his incompetent brother-in-law to be.

13 min read

Seven At One Blow

A tailor kills seven flies with one blow. See how he uses that to succeed in life!

14 min read

The Californian's Tale

Local prospectors wait expectantly for the return of Henry's wife.

9 min read

Taper Tom

Taper Tom sets off on a quest to make an unhappy Princess laugh.

11 min read

In Self-Defense

When little Juan Manuel defaces a neighbour's door the potential dispute escalates in a bizarre direction.

10 min read


A young man's suspicions are aroused when he finds out his dead mother is appearing to his father, threatening eternal damnation unless the

13 min read

The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

A strange tale about a sick girl, her loving father and a doctor dog.

6 min read

The Jesting of Arlington Stringham

Arlington Stringham makes a joke in the Houses of Parliament - but fails to consider the consequences.

7 min read

Method for Defense against Scorpions

An alternative to the traditional methods.

33 min read

The Stock Broker's Clerk

A young clerk lands what appears to be an ideal job - but soon begins to suspect he may be part of an elaborate trick.

26 min read

The Young King

The story of young prince, brought up as a goatherd, who becomes king on the death of his father and develops a deep fascination with the be

15 min read

The Night Doings At 'Deadman's'

Holed up in an isolated mountain shanty, the emaciated Mr. Hiram Beeson receives a visit from a dark stranger.

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