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Short Stories

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11 min read

Snow White and Rose Red

Two sisters make friends with a bear, and help an ungrateful dwarf.

12 min read

Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess

A spell gives Prince Hyacinth has a very big nose... but he likes it that way!

9 min read

Against Gravity

A young boy talks about his grandfather.

1 min read

Travel Plaza

The day not redolent of anything in particular but more generally it folds into itself a little bag that hides a larger bag inside The day promises only to...

2 min read

Andrew and White Horse

One day Andrew was out in his yard. He was watering some flowers.There was a clop, clop behind him. He looked and there stood a white horse with...

11 min read

The Raven

A Princess is turned into a raven, and a man must neither eat nor drink to save her.

1 min read


Insurance agents get a bashing in this witty reworking of the -style fable.

8 min read

The Schartz-Metterklume Method

When lady Carlotta is mistaken for the Quabarl's new governess, she takes it as an opportunity to try out a few of her own teaching methods.

25 min read

The Phantom Coach

A man becomes lost on a moor in heavy snow and is rescued by a strange, reclusive academic.

9 min read

The Unknown Quantity

A heir has an attack of concience and tries to 'pay back' his capitalist father's ill-gotten gains - but finds it harder than he imagined.

37 min read

Queen Tita's Wager

On holiday in the Black Forest, a matchmaking couple involve a beautiful local girl in a bet concerning the marital status of a young friend

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