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Short Stories

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1 min read

The Tortoise and the Hare

Classic fable. Moral: Slow but steady progress wins the race.

43 min read

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba discovers a wonderful cave of riches... but will the forty thieves discover him?

27 min read

The Last Hoot

* Story contains bad language

On the eve of war, it's the last night of business for Miss Celia's 'ladies'.

7 min read

The Guests

A woman tells of a particularly stressful experience involving a visiting bishop, a flood and a hungry leopard.

45 min read

The Princess Mayblossom

Princess Mayblossom is trapped in a tower, safe from a dangerous witch.

21 min read

Strictly Business

* Story contains bad language

The story behind the celebrated vaudeville team of (Bob) Hart & (Winona) Cherry. A witty tale of theatre folk.

6 min read

Horror Story

The strangeness fed our discontent.

6 min read

The Jesting of Arlington Stringham

Arlington Stringham makes a joke in the Houses of Parliament - but fails to consider the consequences.

20 min read

A Ramble In Aphasia

First-person account of a successful lawyer's sudden loss of memory and the resulting adventure.

12 min read

Company G

* Story contains bad language

When the army accuses Sam of disgracing the entire cause of the Confederacy and vows to hunt down his companion, the suspicion falls on thre

1 min read

Because I am Looking to Complicate My Biography I Go Out to Buy a Tree

I sit with my head in the meadow and compare it to the stonesIn my biography I own a homeI associate my home with pleasant feelingsIn my biography I am very...

23 min read

Starving Makes It Fat

Size isn’t everything, but it can mean life or death when Matthew and Liz come to town.

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