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Short Stories

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11 min read


In thirty-eight years my writing on the labels had changed from big and wonky to neat and tiny.

1 min read


On my first day at the new job I scanned my whole body and could not find a nameI felt like a biblical error, I had to lie downEtiquette says a young widow...

16 min read

The Damned Thing

A man is called to give evidence at the coroner's inquiry into the violent death of a hunter.

2 min read


The moment when a life changes - and there's no going back.

5 min read

The Old Witch

Two sisters seek their fortune - but only one of them is helpful to others.

34 min read

The Man with the Watches

An apparently impossible scenario involving the diappearance of three people from and the appearance of a totally unknown - dead - fourth on

47 min read

The Adventure Of The Second Stain

The Prime Minister asks Holmes to investigate the theft of a letter of exceptional diplomatic importance.

3 min read

The Three Robbers

Three robbers overcome ten traders - until the traders start talking to each other.

4 min read


A protagonist and her author have a falling-out.

24 min read

The Life of the Party

Such a charming couple! Young, elegant, good conversationalists - but, of course, they never give the impression they are aware of it.

8 min read


Then one year she started falling ...

1 min read

Painting over Aya Sofia

A lot of the painting here is painting over. Can everyone at the back hear over everyone? Everyone is a blast of light seeping across the film. All day high...

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