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Short Stories

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3 min read

The Hero

A brief memory from 1918.

36 min read

The Yellow Sign

An artist and his model are disturbed by the appearence of a pale-faced man in the graveyard below their studio window.

5 min read

Girls Fine as Beeswing

For my fifteenth birthday, Granddad took me to Brown’s.

11 min read

Bushy Bride

Two siblings face a cruel stepmother. What will they do to protect one another?

25 min read

The Throw Away

* Story contains bad language

A disreputable father and his daughter skip church and spend Sunday at the local dumping ground.

30 min read

Malin Kundang

Adapted from a Minang folk tale from Sumatra, this story tells of the ambitious and resourceful Malin Kundang.

4 min read

An Enlightening Tale

Humorous fable about an honest beggar, a miserly Lady and an infatuated butler.

2 min read

To Sit in the Sun

When the cold has settled deep in your bones ...

2 min read

The Princess and the Pea

A Princess is given a bad night's sleep when a Queen puts a pea under her mattress!

14 min read

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The classic tale of a beautiful girl, a wicked Queen, a magic mirror, and seven dwarves!

7 min read

The Card

'The only thing I ever got off my old man was a birthday card when I was ten.'

41 min read

The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb

A man arrives at Dr Watson's house with a severed thumb - an injury which apparently occurred in the most unusual circumstances.

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