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Short Stories

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1 min read

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Classic fable. Moral: There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.

8 min read


A penniless young gentleman with a mildly successful gambling habit finds a 'sure thing' to put some serious money on.

25 min read

The Phantom Coach

A man becomes lost on a moor in heavy snow and is rescued by a strange, reclusive academic.

23 min read

Comfort in the Dark

Jeannette treasured the moment when television sets died, computers shut down, and refrigerators stopped refrigerating...

8 min read

Chastisement By The Lambs

A man investigates an increasingly common phenomenon involving carnivorous lambs with a highly developed sense of justice.

5 min read

The Frog Prince

A princess makes a promise to a talking frog.

1 min read


If we could get the hang of it entirely    It would take too long; All we know is the splash of words in passing       And falling twigs of song, And when we...

9 min read

Waiting for a Resolution

A fearsome mosquito traps a man in his apartment.

32 min read


A children's story set in the Iron Age. A girl, Morg, makes a wish to the goddess ...

6 min read


While dusting off his extensive library, the narrator discovers a diminutive man on one of the lower shelves.

24 min read

Dracula's Guest

Intended as a short companion for Stoker's 'Dracula' we join the narrator as he begins a coach trip on the mysterious 'Walpurgis' night.

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