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Short Stories

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19 min read

The Orbital Road

The new road was meant to relieve congestion, but then, determined and obsessive, the Spinners arrived ...

18 min read

The Case of Lady Sannox

A case which leaves a Lady of notoriously loose morals in a nunnery and her lover - a brilliant physician - in a vegetative state.

14 min read

Howard Lives!

The mysterious reappearances of Howard Cosell.

11 min read

An Ideal Family

After another hard day's work at the office, an aging man reflects on the state of his family.

10 min read

The Penance

Octavian Ruttle's guilt over his killing of a chicken-stealing cat is not helped by the growing hatred of its owner's children.

27 min read

Twenty-six Men and a Girl

The workers in a damp, underground bakery dote on a young servant girl from the floor above.

13 min read

The Devil

An avaricious farmer makes arangements to have his dying mother looked after so he can get his crop in.

31 min read

Graciosa and Percinet

Percinet falls in love with a princess called Graciosa, and shows her true love.

6 min read

Bank Holiday

A literary sketch of a bank holiday fair.

4 min read

The Thing You Want

A soldier encounters a beautiful girl.

8 min read

Swimming Away

Rosie and her Mum have a day at the beach.

10 min read

Yallery Brown

Tom is cursed by a creature when he asks for help with his chores.

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