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Short Stories

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44 min read

The Adventure Of The Golden Pince Nez

Up-and-coming detective Stanley Hopkins consults Holmes about the apparently motiveless murder of the secretary of an old professor.

3 min read

Essence And Attribute

A man notices a small wart on his left hand.

9 min read

The Ushuaia Rabbit

The narrator captures a rare rabbit-like creature, thought to be extinct for over a century.

49 min read

The House Of The Dead Hand

With the promise of a viewing of a lost Leonardo masterpiece, a man visits the home of the obsessive Dr. Lombard and his daughter.

9 min read

My Body, Herself

When the cave’s ceiling crumples, so do I. Through my body, stone kisses stone. I die.Afterward, footsteps pass by my head. I track them to the opposite...

39 min read

The Adventure Of Black Peter

An ill-tempered ex-ship's-captain is brutally murdered, pinned agaist the wall of his garden shed by a harpoon.

14 min read

The Meme

Was it just because Keith’s upper arms wobbled as he shouted and fell; because he was – let’s face it – fat? Was that why ours rather than a billion other...

3 min read


What dark resentments stir in the primitive brain of Frankenstein?

13 min read

A Jug Of Syrup

A compilation of the facts and testimonies of witnesses following the return of a dedicated shop keeper from the dead.

4 min read

Hermann the Irascible

A newly imported King of England finds a harsh - but effective - way of dealing with the country's feminists.

15 min read

A Wicked Woman

A young woman is forced to reveal the terrible sin she has committed.

35 min read

To Build a Fire

A man and his dog fight for survival during a bitterly cold Arctic trek.

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