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Short Stories

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14 min read

The Water Lily and The Gold-Spinners

When a wicked witch keeps her beautiful daughters locked away, who will save them?

6 min read

The Oval Portrait

Seeking shelter for the night, a wounded man breaks into a bizarre, abandoned chateau decorated by an unusually large number of paintings.

8 min read

A Lifestyle

When his key breaks off on the inside of his apartment, the narrator must fight bureaucracy and apathy in increasingly desperate attempts to

11 min read

Time Lost

The relationship between a father and his son is explored through their differing pastimes.

1 min read

Nature Poem

Yesterday it was marsh marigolds by the river with my mother and in the afternoon forsythia with Chris                  (he dislikes it) and today it is...

7 min read

A Respectable Woman

When an old college friend of her husband comes to stay, Mrs. Baroda likes him more than she expected, though she is not sure why.

4 min read

The Story of an Hour

A woman hears news of her husband's death.

10 min read

Waiting For Her

A young girl prepares herself for the return of her mother - a heroine addict, in prison since her daughter's birth.

24 min read

The Life of the Party

Such a charming couple! Young, elegant, good conversationalists - but, of course, they never give the impression they are aware of it.

28 min read

The Shadow and the Flash

The story of a destructive rivalry between two brilliant scientists.

24 min read

No. 1 Branch Line: The Signal-Man

A frightened railway signal-man is plagued by premonitions of distasters.

11 min read


A tale of envy set in modern India.

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