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Short Stories

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7 min read

An Inhabitant Of Carcosa

A man wakes from thought and realises he is wandering on an unfamiliar and desolate expanse of plain.

21 min read

The Wicker Husband

When the ugly girl decides to find herself a husband she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for.

5 min read


A protagonist and her author have a falling-out.

23 min read


Tom is infatuated with his brother's fiancé on the day of their engagement, and still infatuated nearly thirty years later

96 min read

The Willows

While on a canoe trip down the Danube River, two friends encounter some mysterious, hostile entities.

8 min read

Black Bull of Norroway

The story of an old wife who falls in love with a kind black bull.

9 min read

The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat

Jocantha decides to share her happiness with the less fortunate through a spot of afternoon philanthropy.

7 min read

The Cupboard Of The Yesterdays

A Wanderer and a Merchant argue over the downsides to modern war.

11 min read

Yallery Brown

Tom is cursed by a creature when he asks for help with his chores.

24 min read

The Enchanted Canary

A Prince called Desire seeks a bride in warmer lands.

10 min read

Bertie's Christmas Eve

Bertie Steffink takes action against his disapproving relatives.

6 min read

The Oval Portrait

Seeking shelter for the night, a wounded man breaks into a bizarre, abandoned chateau decorated by an unusually large number of paintings.

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