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Short Stories

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2 min read

Andrew and White Horse

One day Andrew was out in his yard. He was watering some flowers.There was a clop, clop behind him. He looked and there stood a white horse with...

16 min read

Proof Of The Pudding

A bedraggled writer corners the editor of a respected publication and demands to know why his story has been rejected.

3 min read

Visiting The Millionaire

An attempt is made to visit the millionaire.

1 min read

Read Your Goose A Story

Got a bored or sad goose at home? Try this neat trick!

8 min read


Clovis is sceptical that the Baroness' hunting story will be as unusual as promised.

1 min read


A translator who has a phobia of moths spent three years translating a book with a moth motif. It’s ironic, she has said, that she knew more about the moths...

6 min read

Harry's World

First person account of a department store caretaker's final day before retirement.

5 min read

The Old Witch

Two sisters seek their fortune - but only one of them is helpful to others.

6 min read

The White Stone Canoe

When a handsome warrior loses his love, he goes to the afterlife to find her.

8 min read

The Confession

Suzanne stays at the bedside of her dying sister, who she has lived with her whole life.

4 min read

The Coyote and the Strange Thing

There is a bleached skeleton that holds no marrow.

9 min read

A Nose For the King

A Korean politician, in jail for diverting just a few too many public funds, develops a cunning escape plan.

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