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Short Stories

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6 min read

The White Stone Canoe

When a handsome warrior loses his love, he goes to the afterlife to find her.

19 min read

The Black Cat

An apparently gentle man becomes increasingly less so as he sinks deeper into an obsession with a mysterious black cat.

36 min read

The Birthday of the Infanta

A spectacular party is thrown in honour of the Infanta of Spain's birthday; there are actors, jugglers, magicians - and a dancing dwarf. A

4 min read

Hope and Comfort

A man visits his wife in hospital.

14 min read

The Chapel

Set in the tropical island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. This is a story of quick lust and long revenge - with an ironical twist at the end.

3 min read


My bed has been made, though not by me. Who has made this bed? It is one more thing I cannot figure out.For many years I made our bed, to give our children...

11 min read

Old Timer

As the supply of fan mail dwindles, ageing screen icon Lana Lawn decides to invite a young student to dinner. Someone's in for a surprise.

1 min read


Any time you buy anything,you should buy an extra, in caseyou really like it. I am awarethis makes me sound dumb, likeI am a really dumb shopper.But buried...

5 min read

The Archipelago

They live in the world's safest place, but are seized with an irrational fear. The locals begin to take drastic precautions to protect thems

7 min read

The Occasional Garden

The Baroness gives Elinor Rapsley some advice on dealing with her troublesome garden.

7 min read

A Glossary Of Bread

A story that explores a woman's restless childhood through the various types of bread she encountered.

4 min read

They're Made out of Meat

A conversation about an unusual discovery.

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