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Short Stories

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6 min read

Unjustified Fears

A cautionary tale about irrational fears, spiders and, perhaps, friendship.

1 min read

Language is her caravan

Frosty, green through gray rising steeply, top of the bank a big top, red with a sign, misty, fantastical on the walk to school.“My sister can’t express...

11 min read

The Raven

A Princess is turned into a raven, and a man must neither eat nor drink to save her.

23 min read

Comfort in the Dark

Jeannette treasured the moment when television sets died, computers shut down, and refrigerators stopped refrigerating...

11 min read

Psyche And The Pskyscraper

The story of an wholly unphilosophical girl and her two suitors.

7 min read

King Grisly-Beard

A beautiful but rude and conceited princess is taught a lesson.

8 min read


Clovis is sceptical that the Baroness' hunting story will be as unusual as promised.

5 min read

Jorinda and Jorindel

Jorindel loses Jorinda to an evil witch, and must find a beautiful flower to save her.

7 min read

Polly Helps a Friend

Every week, Polly and her mother go to the park. In the park, Polly enjoys the wonderful sunshine, wonderful breezes, wonderful colors and m

16 min read


She said she was crying tears of happiness. That’s when I learnt that happiness could make you cry too.

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