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Short Stories

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32 min read

An Episode of the Reign of Terror

During the French Revolution, three nuns and a priest live in fear of a man who appears to be watching them.

9 min read

"What You Want"

A man rich enough to despise everything that money can buy goes out and tries to want something that he can't pay for.

1 min read

Excavation of a Boy

Tell me the story again how you shaped clay into a toy.All you had was dirt. Such an old thing to have.I didn’t believe you until I visited your childhood...

3 min read

Essence And Attribute

A man notices a small wart on his left hand.

34 min read

The Daughters of the Late Colonel

Two sisters readjust their lives following the death of their father.

19 min read


A night in with pizza and videos for a group of twentysomethings turns into much more.

6 min read

Unjustified Fears

A cautionary tale about irrational fears, spiders and, perhaps, friendship.

1 min read

The Stranger on Burnside Ave.

In the shadows God is a stranger who stops me to say that car handles nicely. God glows like birth, and it's cold like we need the warmth of fire.Brisk...

7 min read

A Respectable Woman

When an old college friend of her husband comes to stay, Mrs. Baroda likes him more than she expected, though she is not sure why.

106 min read

Ward 6

Dr Ragin is honest and intelligent but lacks the strength of character to see to it that life around him is honest and intelligent - which h

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