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The Tiredness of Rosabel

Rosabel bought a bunch of violets at Oxford Circus, and thought of all that had happened during the day. Especially about the girl with the red hair and white skin who had left Harry to pay and...

If The Shoe Fits

William Glanley, whose Grandfather started a shoe store before the war on Main, now 71, had thought about retiring, closing up shop, but what would he do?

The Angel

Consuelo lives alone in the family apartment and takes a lengthy wander along the promenade, observing sun-starved Northern Europeans, children dressed in their weekend best, couples at every stage...

The Horror of the Heights

A pioneering aviator begins to suspect that the official explainations cannot account for the constant stream of in-air deaths and disappear

Thorns of Love

I knew you long before life's blunt blows hammered your heart, and suffed out your spirit. I loved you, years before agony's anvil, red hot with anger, warped your youth, and cast your rigid mold...

The Shadow and the Flash

The story of a destructive rivalry between two brilliant scientists.


Once the expression finishes repeating it writes itself again. I write it again, and it travels through every node in every network and repeats itself.

The Dumb Man

There is a story about three men in a house in a street that I cannot tell, I have no words. If I could say the words I would sing the story. Three men are in a room in the house, one is young and...

Some Particulars Concerning a Lion

We respect lions in the abstract, but individual lions we have met have not acted up to the chivalrous character assigned to them by their chroniclers. A lady called on us and refused to accept our...

The Grasshopper

A woman marries a meek, scientifically minded doctor but can't help comparing him to her much-admired artistic friends.

The Snow Man

A snow man falls in love with a hot stove...