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Short Stories

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11 min read

The Masque of the Red Death

As a hideous pestilence sweeps his lands, Prince Prospero seals himself in his castle and prepares a fabulous party.

11 min read

Edward Mills And George Benton: A Tale

Story which promotes the argument that a pure, sober and honest man cannot compete against a prodigal son.

10 min read

The Lumber Room

Witty and insightful tale of a memorable day in the life of a determined child.

4 min read

Cold Salt Water

The water is pink, the blood seeping into the crystals.

10 min read

The Penance

Octavian Ruttle's guilt over his killing of a chicken-stealing cat is not helped by the growing hatred of its owner's children.

7 min read

King Grisly-Beard

A beautiful but rude and conceited princess is taught a lesson.

3 min read


My bed has been made, though not by me. Who has made this bed? It is one more thing I cannot figure out.For many years I made our bed, to give our children...

6 min read

The Dog and the Sparrow

A sparrow avenges her friend a dog, who is cruelly killed by a man.

24 min read

The Japanned Box

While in the service of a widower with a dark past, a young tutor begins to wonder about his master's regular visits to a room nobody else i

32 min read

The Horror of the Heights

A pioneering aviator begins to suspect that the official explainations cannot account for the constant stream of in-air deaths and disappear

12 min read

Three Letters

A woman reflects on an old love.

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