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Short Stories

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7 min read

The Man Who Married Himself

A frank account of the experiences of one man who found his perfect partner.

1 min read


Of my days I’m directornot author                  and neither of us hasany moneyI was born with a wooden spoonin my ass                  Imagine my...

9 min read

The Sheep

Rupert becomes increasingly hateful towards his incompetent brother-in-law to be.

10 min read

A Question of Age

Memories of a house and a Grandma.

1 min read

Meeting Point

Time was away and somewhere else, There were two glasses and two chairs And two people with the one pulse (Somebody stopped the moving stairs): Time was away...

13 min read

One Of Twins

One half of a pair of absolutely identical twins tells of the strange, supernatural bond between him and his brother.

4 min read

Old Sultan

A master decides to kill his faithful dog because he is old, until his friend steps in to help.

16 min read

The Happy Prince

The statue of a Prince asks a sparrow to help solve sad people in his city.

3 min read

Essence And Attribute

A man notices a small wart on his left hand.

3 min read

Rewarding Superstitions

A man makes a living out of other people's superstitions.

6 min read

Knock Out

They heard the sirens in the distance and they watched the flames gasping into the night and he thought that this must be what the end of th

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