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Short stories around 35 minutes

Explore captivating short stories around 35 minutes and indulge in the rich narratives of this curated collection. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination.

Fitzhugh and Zada

On the first day of ninth grade, Fitzhugh Hardee Rainwater met the girl who immediately took up permanent residence deep in his heart.

The Double Date

Ensconced in bed reading his history textbook, Delphus McManus was startled when the phone rang. - Length: 20 pages

Black Aura

Sandra performed her little charade in front of the mirror and morphed into the Gisela character on a whim. She had a small tickle of flirtatious laughter down pat.

A Murder and a Mystery: A Reasonable Explanation

What happened at Devil’s Cape no longer surprised anyone. At least once a year, a body washed ashore.

A Red Flower

Emperor Peter the First came to inspect an insane asylum, and the two young men who brought the patient felt little inclination to laugh. The patient became terror stricken when they took him to...

Was it an Illusion? A Parson's Story

My first appointment was to a West of England district largely peopled with my personal friends and connections. I transferred to a new beat in the North and lived with a couple of small farmers...

A Story of Salome

Harcourt Blunt and Coventry Turnour travelled together to Athens, and then on to Venice. I had resolved to allow myself a month's sketching in Venice and its neighbourhood before turning my face...

A Service of Danger

FREDERICK GEORGE BYNG was welcomed by the Archduke Charles and Gustav von Lichtenstein, but the Archduke John wanted boldness and erred on the side of over-caution. The famous battle of Hohenlinden...

An Engineer's Story

Benjamin Hardy was apprenticed to a Birmingham iron-master and began a new life taking trial trips with the locomotives. Our landlady was the widow of a silver-worker, and had more lovers than she...

A Doer of the Word

Noank is a little played-out fishing town on the southeastern coast of Connecticut. Charlie Potter is contented, works at a shipyard, and gives his rubber boots away to old drunken Jimmy...

A True Patriarch

A true patriarch lived in a moderate-sized county seat in Missouri, dispensing sympathy and becoming an haranguing prophet. He refused to go to church and used all his art to soothe a...

The Village Feudists

A groceryman by the name of Elihu Burridge lived in a certain Connecticut fishing-town, and was terribly strong on religion. The postmaster and Noank were at odds over this subject, and I said that...