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Marty Kay

A Sniper's Promise

Mickey Moran settled into a prone position by the woods, and waited for the British Army to make contact with southern authorities and the Gardai dispatched a team to investigate. His new American...

3 min read Rating: PG-13 Read story

Bless me, Father

Sister Paula O'Hare thought she heard God's call and achieved her degree from University College Dublin. She built a strong reputation as an excellent teacher in Mercy Grammar School for...

15 min read Rating: PG Read story

I Confess

Before we start, don't judge me, and don't go running to your mother. I'll talk to her myself when the time is right. The burning inside comes in the morning, before the light, and at night, when I...

12 min read Rating: R Read story

Miracle at Midnight

Twenty years after moving to New York, he still remembered the rush of moving through hordes of people and the heat. He built a successful construction business and then moved into property...

9 min read Rating: PG-13 Read story

Shadow of a Gunman

Shane O'Rourke outperformed everyone in his class, but hated Bony M. and never did his homework. He fought for Holy Trinity, where Speedy protected the weaker lads. Mr. Morrison's face reddened as...

15 min read Rating: G Read story

Soul Searching

New love 'Hi, Mike. I read your profile on and thought we might have something in common, but I don't own a bright red Mercedes to lean against, and I find it difficult to pose for a...

4 min read Rating: R Read story

The Gift

Sarah leaned backwards, opened her desk drawer, and spun towards her father, opening her legs. She learned to rid herself of the guilt, the gift game. The following week, Sarah became apprehensive...

16 min read Rating: PG-13 Read story


Life's road recedes in our rearview mirror. Backward glance, but can't reverse.

< 1 min read Rating: G Read story

Wash my Wounds

I walk with angels, watching wreaths wilt on wooden coffins carved with scarlet letters, cleansed of fear, free now, and renewed again my hope in you, humanity.

1 min read Rating: PG Read story

Thorns of Love

I knew you long before life's blunt blows hammered your heart, and suffed out your spirit. I loved you, years before agony's anvil, red hot with anger, warped your youth, and cast your rigid mold...

< 1 min read Rating: R Read story

The Last Teardrop

Your time had come, Death, the immortal parasite, hovered and stared through hollowed-eyed darkness, and I held your hand, knowing your going was not the end, until we meet again, when I will wipe...

< 1 min read Rating: G Read story

Silent Holocaust

Your birth, a blood bath, in a stainless steel dish, was dismembered and brought to your resting place in a glass jar. Your epitaph, bio-waste, and burial ground, Incinerator, were thought to have...

< 1 min read Rating: R Read story