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Short stories around 15 minutes

Explore captivating short stories around 15 minutes and indulge in the rich narratives of this curated collection. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination.

Bless me, Father

Sister Paula O'Hare thought she heard God's call and achieved her degree from University College Dublin. She built a strong reputation as an excellent teacher in Mercy Grammar School for...

I Confess

Before we start, don't judge me, and don't go running to your mother. I'll talk to her myself when the time is right. The burning inside comes in the morning, before the light, and at night, when I...

Shadow of a Gunman

Shane O'Rourke outperformed everyone in his class, but hated Bony M. and never did his homework. He fought for Holy Trinity, where Speedy protected the weaker lads. Mr. Morrison's face reddened as...

The Gift

Sarah leaned backwards, opened her desk drawer, and spun towards her father, opening her legs. She learned to rid herself of the guilt, the gift game. The following week, Sarah became apprehensive...

The Landlady

Billy Weaver had travelled down from London on the slow afternoon train and was feeling fine. He caught sight of a printed notice propped up against the glass in one of the upper panes. Billy...

Lamb to the Slaughter

Mary Maloney made her husband two drinks and noticed that he drained his in one swallow although there was still half in it. Darling, would you like some cheese? She stood up and placed her sewing...

The Secret

Julissa Ye relished her part-time job at The Bookery, downtown's last small, locally-owned bookstore, where she was immediately embraced by the other two part-timers. Julissa admired how Mrs. Davis...

I Think So

“The Police are coming to the Omni!” Addison shouted across the campus quadrangle in early October of 1983.

The Place

After lunch the family sat on the back porch chatting leisurely, watching who was walking down the street, and speaking to those they knew.


I’d been hiding behind a particularly impressive tomb. It was like a big chest freezer carved out of stone, with a figure lying on top. “Recumbent,” as Kate informed me.

The Hike

A lone sedan entered the parking lot of the processing plant and went dark. Jasper Cane wanted to be a better father and decided to hike the trail with Carl.

The Green Wagon

Joey Mason lived in a small farming community with his grandmother, who had taken guardianship of him after his parents perished in an unspeakable tragedy.