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Emily and Popcorn

One day Ms. Smith was making popcorn in her classroom. Her students were at music. All at once the popcorn popped out of the popcorn popper. It fell into one big pile on the floor. The popcorn started to move. It started to grow. It became a popcorn monster!

“Help! Help! Save me from this popcorn monster!” cried Ms. Smith.

The popcorn monster looked at Ms. Smith and smiled. It had two big popcorn legs and two big popcorn arms. It even had big and sharp popcorn teeth. It started to chase poor Ms. Smith around her classroom.

“Help! Help!” cried Ms. Smith again. “Save me from this popcorn monster.”

Emily was in her classroom. She heard Ms. Smith crying for help.

“Ms. Johnson, I have to go and save Ms. Smith,” said Emily to her teacher.

“Yes, go and help her. You can do it,” said Ms. Johnson. “I will stay with my other students.”

Emily ran into Ms. Smith’s classroom. She saw the popcorn monster chasing Ms. Smith around and around the classroom. Emily had taken a big empty popcorn bag with her.

The popcorn monster chased poor Ms. Smith into a corner of the classroom. It was just about to get her. Luckily, it had not seen Emily come into Ms. Smith’s classroom. Emily quietly, and oh, so quickly, snuck up on the popcorn monster. She put the empty popcorn bag over it. With the popcorn bag over it, the popcorn monster changed and became just a bag of popcorn. Emily had saved Ms. Smith.

“Thank you for saving me,” said Ms. Smith.

“It was nothing,” said Emily.

“Now I have some popcorn for a snack,” she said.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.