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Emily is a Cloud

One day Emily went out into her yard. It was dry out in her yard. It had not rained for days and days. The trees needed rain. The flowers needed rain. The grass needed rain.

“It is dry out here,” said Emily to her dog. “I need to help. I need to think about what I can do.”

Emily sat down by one of the trees in her yard.

After a little while she said, “I know what to do.

I will be a cloud.” Emily went and got her magic nickel.

“Cloud, cloud, cloud,” she said. Poof! Emily was a cloud.

“This feels cool,” said Emily the cloud to her dog as she floated above her yard. Her dog looked a little sad.

“Do you want to be a cloud, too?” she asked. Her dog wagged its tail and looked happy.

“OK,” said Emily the cloud. She put her cloud hand on the magic nickel. “My dog is a cloud, my dog is a cloud, my dog is a cloud.”

Poof! Emily’s dog was a cloud. It wagged its cloud tail and seemed to like being a cloud.

“Now let’s go get some water. Come with me,” said Emily the cloud. She flew up into the sky with her dog the cloud right behind her. They flew over dry land. On and on they went. After a little while they were over the ocean.

“We will fill up with water here,” said Emily the cloud. She could see other clouds filling up with water over the ocean.

“See those clouds,” she said to her dog the cloud. “The sun shines on the water in ocean and some of the water goes up into the air. It becomes clouds. Those clouds will go over the land. The water will then fall out of them as rain.”

Her dog wagged its cloud tail. The two clouds went out over the ocean. They started to fill up with water. More clouds came over by them.

“This is fun being a cloud,” said Emily the cloud.

“I am glad you are having fun. I like being a cloud, too” said one of the clouds.

“Can all of you clouds come and rain on the land near my home?” asked Emily the cloud. “It is so dry there.”

“Yes, I think we could do that,” said another cloud. Soon Emily the cloud, her dog the cloud and all of the other clouds were full of water. They all flew back over land to the dry land near Emily’s home.

Then they started to let it rain. It rained and rained. Soon the land was no longer dry.

“Thanks for raining on the land near my home,” said Emily to the other clouds. “I see that the trees are happy, the flowers are happy, and the grass is happy. I need to go back home now.”

“We are glad we could help,” said the other clouds.

Emily the cloud and her dog the cloud flew back to Emily’s home. When she got there, she put her cloudy hand on the magic nickel.

“Emily, Emily, Emily. Emily’s dog, Emily’s dog,

Emily’s dog,” she said.

Poof! Emily was a girl again and her dog was a dog again.

“That was a lot of fun being a cloud. It was nice that the other clouds helped us so it would not be dry any more,” said Emily. “Now we need to go in. It is still raining.”

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.