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One day Olivia was out in her yard.

“I think I will go fishing,” said Olivia.

“That would be fun,” said one of her cats.

“Yes, I think you should go fishing,” said the other cat. “Can we go with you?”

“Yes, you can come with me. We will go fishing,” said Olivia.

Olivia went and asked her mother about going fishing. Her mother said it would be okay. Olivia and her two cats then started walking down the road with their fishing poles. Soon they came to a stream.

“There should be fish in this stream,” said the bigger cat.

“Look, there is a boat. It would be cool to go fishing in a boat,” said the smaller cat.

The three walked up to the boat to get a better look at it.

“Do you like my boat?” asked a turtle that was swimming near by.

“Yes, it is a nice boat. Can we go fishing in your boat?” asked Olivia.

“Yes, you can go fishing in my boat, but only one at a time. It is a small boat,” said the turtle.

“Olivia, you can go first,” said the smaller cat.

“We can fish from shore.”

“Thank you,” said Olivia. She put on a life jacket that was in the boat.

“This will keep me from sinking if I fall out of this boat,” said Olivia. She rowed out into the stream and started fishing. Soon she had a fish on her line. She pulled the fish into the boat.

“Please let me go back into the stream,” said the fish. “I want to stay in the water with my friends.”

“I think that would be okay,” said Olivia.

The bigger cat heard the fish from shore and said, “I think that would be okay, too.”

“She seems like a smart fish,” said the smaller cat.

Olivia took the hook out of the fish’s mouth.

She then put the fish back into the stream.

“Thank you,” said the fish. “Here is a magic rock.

It can sing any song to you that you want to hear.”

“Thank you,” said Olivia. “I will let it sing to me when I go home.”

Olivia then rowed back to shore, tied up the boat, took off the PFD, and put it into the boat.

“Turtle, thank you for letting me use your boat,” said Olivia.

“I am glad that you liked it,” said the turtle.

Olivia and her two cats walked home. They let the singing rock sing to them all the way back home.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.