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Hannah Sees a Butterfly

Hannah was outside in the yard one morning with her magic nickel. She was looking at the flowers that were in a flower bed. A butterfly flew by and landed on one of the flowers.

“I wish I could fly around like a butterfly,” she said.

“Well just make yourself small and you can fly on me,” said the butterfly.

Hannah looked at this talking butterfly. It looked just like the other butterflies, but it could talk.

“You can talk,” said Hannah.

“Yes, I can. I learned to talk by hearing people talk when they were out in their yards,” said the talking butterfly.

“Can I really fly on you?” asked Hannah.

“Yes, you can. Just get small, and I will pick you up,” said the butterfly.

So Hannah held up the magic nickel and said,

“Small, small, small.”

Poof! Hannah was small. She was about two inches tall. The butterfly landed next to her.

“Hop up on my back,” said the butterfly. Hannah hopped up on the back of the butterfly.

It was just like getting on a horse.

“This is so cool. Thanks, Mr. Butterfly,” said Hannah.

“Off we go,” said the butterfly. He flapped his wings, and up into the air went Hannah on the back of the butterfly.

“This is neat,” said Hannah as they went over the grass and then up over the flowers. “Can you go up higher?”

“Yes, we can. Watch this,” said the butterfly.

He flapped his wings hard and soon they were above Hannah’s home.

“I can see all over,” said Hannah with a big grin.

“This is fun to see my home from high up.”

Just then Hannah looked up and saw a bird coming right at them.

“Look out!” she screamed. “A bird is coming at us.”

“That bird wants to eat us. Hold on,” said the butterfly. The butterfly started to fly this way and that way so the bird would miss them. But the bird kept coming. Hannah could see the bird’s mouth was wide open.

“You are not going to eat us,” she said to the bird, and she shook her fist at it. She then held up the magic nickel and said, “Sand, sand, sand.”

Poof! There was a small pile of sand on the back of the butterfly. With one hand Hannah held on to the butterfly and her magic nickel. With the other hand she grabbed some sand.

The bird got closer and closer to Hannah and the butterfly. Just as the bird was about to bite them, Hannah threw some sand into the bird eyes.

“Tweet!” screamed the bird as it closed its eyes and stopped going after Hannah and the butterfly.

The bird flew away shaking its head.

Hannah and the butterfly soon landed back at the flower bed.

“Good thinking,” said the butterfly to Hannah.

“That sand did a good one on that bird. You saved us.”

“I was glad my lucky nickel was with me. Thanks for the ride. It was fun until that bird went after us,” said Hannah.

“I am glad you liked flying,” said the butterfly.

“We can do that again.” The butterfly then flew away.

“Big, big, big,” said Hannah as she held the magic nickel.

Poof! Hannah was big again. She went into her home to tell her mother all about flying on the back of a butterfly.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.