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Jacob is a Car

One day when Jacob got up, he went to his mother. “Mom, I want to be a car,” he said.

“Well, that would be cool. If you want to be a car, you can be a car,” said Jacob’s mother. “Try to be a neat car.”

Jacob went out to the street with his magic nickel.

“Car, car, car,” he said. Poof! He was a car. He was red.

“I bet I can go fast,” he said, and with that, he started up. Up the street went Jacob. He was fast.

“I am a fast, red car,” said Jacob. “This is fun.”

On his way back, he said, “I wish I could be a fast, red car that could fly.”

Poof! Jacob had two wings. He went up and started to fly. Up, up, up he went.

Jacob’s mother looked up. “Look at that. There is a red, flying car up in the sky.”

Jacob went near his mother.

“Mom, look at me,” he said. “I am a red car that can fly.”

“Jacob, you look neat,” said his mother. She went and got her magic nickel.

“Flying car, flying car, flying car,” said Jacob’s mother.

Poof! Jacob’s mother was a flying car. She was black and looked cool. Up, up, up she went into the sky. Soon she was flying near Jacob.

“This is fun,” said Jacob’s mother.

“It is neat you are flying with me, Mom,” said Jacob.

The two flying cars could see a lot from up in the sky. They went near Jacob’s school. They went near tall trees. They had a lot of fun.

“We need to go back,” said Jacob’s mother. Soon they landed.

“Jacob, Jacob, Jacob,” said Jacob with his nickel, and poof, Jacob was Jacob.

“Jacob’s mom, Jacob’s mom, Jacob’s mom,” said

Jacob’s mother with her nickel, and poof, Jacob’s mother was Jacob’s mother.

“We need to have Dad be a flying car,” said Jacob.

“Yes, it would be neat for him to be a flying car,” said Jacob’s mother.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.