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Sarah Wants to be a Teacher

“I want to be a teacher,” said Sarah one day.

“That is grand,” said her mother. “You will be a good teacher.”

“Can I be a teacher today?” asked Sarah.

“Yes, you can be a teacher today,” said her mother.

So Sarah went out into her yard to be a teacher.

“Teacher, teacher, teacher,” said Sarah as she held her magic nickel in her hand.

Poof! Sarah was a teacher. She could teach.

She looked in her yard, but there was no one to teach.

“I could teach my cats,” said Sarah, but her cats were not there.

“I could teach my dog,” said Sarah, but her dog was not there.

“Who could I teach?” she asked. Sarah then looked at her feet. She could see about ten ants.

“I will teach these ants,” said Sarah. “Teach ants, teach ants, teach ants.”

Poof! The ten ants were as big as Sarah’s dog.

They sat in the yard by Sarah.

“We want to read,” said the biggest ant.

“OK,” said Sarah. “I can teach all of you to read.

Sarah went and got ten books. She had the ants see the letters. She had the ants read the letters. She then had the ants see the words. After that she had them say the words. Soon each ant could read about ten words.

“We can read!” said the smallest ant. “Thank you, Sarah, thank you.”

“It is neat that you all want to read,” said Sarah.

“Yes, it is fun to read,” said one ant. “But we have to go back and do ant work.”

“OK,” said Sarah. “Ants, ants, ants.”

Poof! The ants were small ants again. They went back to do their ant work.

“It is cool that I could teach ants to read,” said

Sarah. She went to tell her mother about teaching ants.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.