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The Mouse

One day Jacob was out in his yard. He was sitting in the shade of a big tree. His dog was with him.

“It is hot out here,” he said to his dog. Just then a mouse walked by.

“Do you think it is hot out here?” he asked the mouse. The mouse stopped.

“Yes, it is hot,” said the mouse. “I am only out here a little bit, and soon I will go back to my cool den.”

“I wish I could see your cool den,” said Jacob.

“Well, make yourself small and come with me,” said the mouse.

“I think I will do that,” said Jacob. Jacob put his magic nickel into his hand. “Small, small, small.”

Poof! Jacob was as small as a mouse. His dog was as small as a mouse, too.

“OK. Let’s go,” said the mouse. He walked to a hole in the ground near the tree and went down into it. Jacob and his dog walked to the hole and went down into it, too.

“It is dark in here,” said Jacob.

“Let me turn on the lights,” said the mouse.

“I did not think that your hole would have lights,” said Jacob.

“We use the old Christmas lights that your father lost,” said the mouse. He turned the lights on.

The hole was very nice, and it was not hot at all.

“It feels cooler in here,” said Jacob.

“Let’s go on into my den,” said the mouse.

The mouse, Jacob, and his dog walked on deeper into the hole. Soon they came to a big room.

“Here is my den,” said the mouse. The room was very cool and was filled with all kinds of mouse things. It even had soft chairs to sit on and mouse pictures on the walls.

“Sit here,” said the mouse. “I will soon be back.”

He left the room. Jacob sat down in a soft mouse chair and his dog sat down by him on the floor.

Soon the mouse was back. He handed Jacob a big glass of milk. He gave Jacob’s dog a big bowl of milk.

“This will keep you cool all day,” said the mouse.

“Thank you,” said Jacob. The milk was cold and sweet.

“This milk is good,” said Jacob.

“I am glad you think it is good. It is ant milk,” said the mouse.

“Ant milk! I have never had ant milk before!” said Jacob. “But, yes, it makes me feel cooler.”

“We drink ant milk when we have to go out in the hot sun,” said the mouse.

“I am much cooler now. We need to go back. It is nearly lunch time,” said Jacob. “Thank you for the ant milk.”

“Come back again,” said the mouse. “I will show you the way out.”

The mouse took Jacob and his dog back out into the hot yard. The mouse then went back down into his hole. Jacob put his hand on the magic nickel.

“Big, big, big,” he said. Poof! Jacob and his dog were big again.

“It is hot out here but I still feel cool,” said Jacob. “It must be the ant milk in me.”

His dog looked at him and wagged his tail. The ant milk must have been keeping him cool, too.

Former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, USA. Committed to empowering young readers with free stories, ebooks, and educational resources.