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Playing Fire with Fire

Many years have passed, yet this war has just begun… It all happened with two people falling in love. One was a selfish, dark man, Thomas, and his partner, a woman, soft, empathetic lady, Lucy. Many have said they were a horrible match. They are right… 

The woman has given so many chances to her lover but lost hope. Thomas was furious, he felt like there was a ball of fire in the pit of his stomach, a feeling of hatred and frustration. However, Lucy felt like she had exploded. She was fed up with her ex and turned into a monster… like the others. In the shadows, waiting for the right moment to pound the victim down, so they could take control. 

The man was armed with knives and a specific sword, one no man was worthy enough to hold. A sword that was made out of fire. The flames danced around the sword creating a halo. Made to destroy the ball of fire that engulfed the people with true hatred. Thomas was wearing full armour made by the scales of a dragon (as people say). 

Lucy was overtaken by the uncontrollably rage so badly she set alight in seconds once she had seen Thomas. She had transformed into a ball of fire that had flames leaping around it. It was shaped like an egg but all of sudden, it blew up and turned into a magnificent phoenix.
Stripes of gold were glistening that reflected the beaming sunlight.

The bystanders watch in awe at this event. Thomas stood completely still in shock. It was greater than we had imagined. No wonder she was nice, it was all to contain the rage to be let out on him. Thomas heard a snicker. The village was laughing at him, he knew why. He just peed his pants. Lucy was spinning, she was splattering water on them, tears of laughter. Lucy was planning this to happen, a final attack. Pew. A tiny piece of fire dropped down… a sudden burst of laughter broke the silence.“Seriously? That was your fInaL aTtaCK?”, Thomas said while still giggling.
“Yes” Lucy said in a serious voice, “Water I splattered… that was-”, She's been cut.
“NO” Thomas shouted.

A trail of fire emerged from the ground and engulfed the men… including Thomas. There were screams of pain and ugly sobbing. All were burned alive, Lucy turned back with a huge grin on her face.
“It's done mother, I did it.” she murmured.
She walked the opposite way of the fire and from that point on she has never stopped.

A conflict between humans and rage fire phoenixes arose ever since that event. It was called: The Fire Mark. We now live in the shadows and soon we will avenge our saviour.
Mother Prueritty.