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We Are Being Paged

All the doctors at the hospital
let their hair down to keep
their necks warm. It was

freezing and they were everywhere.
They wanted to save our lives.
They washed their hands

forearms and elbows.
They could not get warm.
It was maybe the trees

keeping out all the light.
Something wants to harm
the doctors, mildly and over

a span of many years.
When one of them depressed
my tongue, we expected

radiance. Radiance was not
forthcoming and she continued
holding it down. I could

not speak. She did not
care to or maybe she was
distraught that she had

so little to say. She said
ah. She was helping me.
I wanted to be her wife.

Award-winning poet of 'The Trees The Trees'. Author of 'The Crying Book'. Published in The New Yorker, Poetry, & more. Former fellow at Emory.