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Louis MacNeice

(1907 - 1963)

The Taxis

In the first taxi the cabby looked askance, in the second taxi the clock showed sixpence extra, in the third taxi the tip-up seats were down and there was an extra Charge of one-and-sixpence and an...

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The eye cannot face the sun, the smug philosophers lie who say the world is one, Parmenides would smother life for lack of air, the world is a wooden ball, and the soul is muscle-bound. The modern...

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Meeting Point

Time was away and somewhere else, There were two glasses and two chairs and two people with the one pulse, The bell was silent in the air, The waiter did not come, the clock forgot them and the...

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If we could get the hang of it entirely, we would take too long; all we know is the splash of words in passing and falling twigs of song, and we rarely eavesdrop on the great Presences, and we...

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