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Read Your Goose A Story

If your goose is feeling sluggish
And she doesn’t want to play,
If she moans and groans and whimpers
Or she stays inside all day
When it’s nice and bright and sunny,
Then the problem just might be
That your good and faithful goose has been
O’ertaken by ennui.

Yes, everyone feels boredom,
Even gooses, it is true.
So, to make your goose feel better,
Here is all you have to do:

Read your goose a story!

Just pick out your favorite book,
Let her sit upon your lap so,
If she wants to, she can look
Upon all the pretty pictures
Which are right beside the words
And which make the story come alive
For large aquatic birds.

Gooses love to be told stories
By a Gramma or a friend,
(As long as it’s exciting
And it has a happy end).
But, be careful. If you do this
And the goose has too much fun,
She might come back and see you
To be told another one.