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Alison L. Randall

Alison L. Randall

Alison L. Randall grew up in a small town very much like the one in "End of the Line." She even visited an abandoned mine for her ninth birthday party. She is the author of a picture book, "The Wheat Doll," as well as several short stories that have appeared in various print magazines.

4 min read

The May Queen

And thou shalt do that which is right and good in the sight of the LordDeuteronomy 6:18Hetty stepped over the milk bottles near the front door and began the...

4 min read

Hats Off to Herb

A true story, based on the written history of Hester N. Harris, the author’s grandmother.

9 min read

End of the Line

There's a new gadget in town and Liza has to try it. But will the price be too high?

7 min read

Angel's Landing

The only reason I decided to sign up for the geology field trip was because Lauren’s name was on the sheet, two slots up. I printed my name, Nic Colter, and...