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Jack London

Jack London

38 min read

A Piece of Steak

* Story contains bad language

A prize fighter struggles to survive in his twilight years. A lyrical Rocky 10.

9 min read

A Nose For the King

A Korean politician, in jail for diverting just a few too many public funds, develops a cunning escape plan.

28 min read

The Shadow and the Flash

The story of a destructive rivalry between two brilliant scientists.

19 min read

Told in the Drooling Ward

An excerpt from the life of a resident at a Californian mental institution. Told in the first person, the story offers a glimpse through ano

29 min read

The Enemy of All the World

A biography of scientific wizard and arch-enemy of mankind, Emil Gluck.

15 min read

A Wicked Woman

A young woman is forced to reveal the terrible sin she has committed.

35 min read

To Build a Fire

A man and his dog fight for survival during a bitterly cold Arctic trek.