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Anthony Perrotta

Anthony Perrotta


Anthony Perrotta is an American filmmaker, writer, and (un)popular culture journalist. His short film “21st Century Shuffle” premiered at the 2014 Big Apple Film Festival in Tribeca and features actor Themo Melikidze. His short stories “Adieu; or, Zest for Life” and “The Proceeding” have also appeared on Babbling of the Irrational. He works as a reporter for The Islip Bulletin, The Long Island Advance, and The Suffolk County News. His other writing has been featured in City Book Reviews, Dan’s Papers, Entropy, PopMatters, ScreenPrism, The Untitled Magazine, and The Van Wyck Gazette.

6 min read


The tree stood at ten, maybe twelve feet tall, but as far as the boy was concerned, it might as well have reached the grainy, spring sky.

16 min read

Rage Against the Current

* Story contains bad language

Once again, Joseph noticed the anger in his friend’s eyes.

13 min read

The Sidler

* Story contains bad language

Alcoholics, drug addicts, and even cheaters manage to get away, Ian thought. So, why can't I?

11 min read


* Story contains bad language

There’s always tomorrow, Oscar said to himself