Trademark policy

Updated: July 09, 2019

What is a Trademark Policy Violation on {siteName}?

Using another's trademark in a manner that may mislead or confuse others about your brand affiliation may be a violation of our trademark policy.

How Does {siteName} Respond to Trademark Reports?

We review each report and do the following:

  • If we determine that there is a violation of our trademark policy, we may suspend the account. In some instances, we may give the account holder an opportunity to comply with our policies before suspending the account.
  • We may also provide the account holder with your name and information included in the copy of the report.

Please note that {siteName} only investigates requests that are submitted by the trademark holder or by an authorised representative of the trademark holder.

What is not a Trademark Policy Violation?

Referencing another's trademark is not automatically a violation of {siteName} trademark policy. Examples include:

  • Using a trademark in a way that is outside the scope of the trademark registration (e.g. territory, or goods and services identified in the registration).
  • Nominative and other fair uses of trademarks are protected uses under our trademark policy, so long as the account is clearly distinguished from the trademark owner.

How do I Report a Trademark Policy Violation?

Submit trademark reports through our contact form. By providing all the information necessary to process your report quickly. If you submit a report with incomplete information, we will follow up with you to request that information. Please note that this will result in a delay in processing your report.

Please let us know:

    • How is this account pretending to be your brand, company, or organisation?
      • Someone is trying to look like or imply affiliation with my organisation
      • Someone is using my organisation’s trademark-protected materials
    • Which username is causing the issue?
    • Who you are:
      • I am a trademark holder
      • I am an authorised representative of the company, brand, or organisation
      • I am not affiliated with the company, brand, or organisation
    • Your contact details:
      • Your name
      • Your email address
      • Your phone number
      • Your country
      • Company name (if applicable)
      • Company address (if applicable)
      • Company Country (if applicable)
      • Your relationship to the company (if applicable)