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15 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 15 minutes read time.

15 min read

Princess Hase, a Story of Old Japan

Princess Hase has a cruel stepmother, but she remains kind.

14 min read

Princess Kwan-Yin

Kwan Yin is a beautiful princess who listens to her heart instead of her father.

14 min read

The Man Who Would Not Scold

A deceitful man called Wang is punished when he steals a duck from his neighbour.

14 min read

The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

A strange tale about a sick girl, her loving father and a doctor dog.

13 min read

The Two Jugglers

Two jugglers create an astonishing trick for an emperor - but was one delicious peach worth it?

16 min read

The Nodding Tiger

A tiger kills an old woman's son - but finds ways to make amends.

17 min read

The Mad Goose and the Tiger Forest

A poor slave girl and a mad goose help an old miser break the spell upon him.

15 min read

Giauna the Beautiful

Giauna is beautiful but also kind, and can heal the sickness of others.

13 min read

Rose of Evening

Rose of Evening is beautiful and kind, but what is she keeping secret?

13 min read

Little Ida’s Flowers

Little Ida discovers the flowers have a ball at night when she's asleep.

14 min read

The Tinderbox

A fairytale of a soldier who comes upon riches and a tinder-box...

17 min read

The Nightingale

A Chinese Emperor coves a nightingale - but then discovers a more beautiful one made of gold.