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17 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 17 minutes read time.

18 min read

The Horn Player: Chapter Seven

A reluctant banker tries horn playing as a substitute for his errant girlfriend.

18 min read

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

One might think that Santa Claus would have no enemies on all the earth - and for a long time, he didn't ... then the Daemons came along.

15 min read


* Story contains bad language

"What happened when all their illusions were stripped away and revealed for what they truly were?"

16 min read

Mr and Mrs Dove

* Story contains bad language

A man prepares to propose to a woman he considers hopelessly out of his league.

14 min read

Periwig Passage

Mr Crockett returns to his humble home on a chill Christmas Eve.

18 min read

An Indian Odyssey

A philosophical journey for an American travelling by train in India

20 min read

The Mummy's Foot

A man buys the mummified foot of an Egyptian princess as a paperweight but soon finds his dreams disturbed.

20 min read

I Should Have Been Kissing You

* Story contains bad language

"He said follow the beat. Teddy thought, this the beat, isn’t it?"

20 min read

Mrs. Manstey's View

The only pleasure in the life of a lonely widow is the dismal view from her third floor New York boarding house.

20 min read

The Fifth Wheel

A good deed by the recently unemployed coachman Thomas McQuade has strange consequences.

17 min read

A Prodigal Tale

He left at night, taking with him a change of clothes, a blanket, and a small bag of money which he found in his father’s room.

14 min read

The Haunted Orchard

While summering in the country, a New Yorker comes across an apparently abandoned farm house.