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3 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 3 minutes read time.

3 min read

An Enlightening Tale

Humorous fable about an honest beggar, a miserly Lady and an infatuated butler.

4 min read

They're Made out of Meat

A conversation about an unusual discovery.

5 min read

The Lover

A resting model finds her privacy invaded by a young man and a very particular piece of poetry.

5 min read

The Frog Prince

A princess makes a promise to a talking frog.

2 min read

The Pest

An unusual birthday treat.

1 min read

The Devoted Widow

Witty reworking of the -style fable.

3 min read

High and Lifted Up

A children's story about a boy who turns into a leaf.

5 min read

Mr Sticky

One day a tiny water snail appears in Abby's fish tank.

4 min read

Time, Again

"Before we met, you showed me your diary."

5 min read

Filboid Studge

An aspiring groom is given the task of designing an advertising campaign for the most disgusting cereal ever created.

4 min read


A woman talks about her marriage.

5 min read

Someone To Care For

It isn’t always easy having someone to care for.