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30 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 30 minutes read time.

30 min read

The Master Maid

A stubborn young prince goes to work for an evil troll, and falls in love with a maid.

28 min read

The Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child

A moonlight princess does not wish to marry, or else she will disappear.

31 min read

The Happy Hunter and Skillful Fisher

Two brothers, a skilled fisher and a happy hunter, try to get along.

26 min read

Prince Yamato Take

The story of Prince Yamato Take and his protector the Sun Goddess.

31 min read

The Wild Swans

A sister loses her twelve brothers, who are turned into swans. Will she risk her own life to save them?

32 min read

Graciosa and Percinet

Percinet falls in love with a princess called Graciosa, and shows her true love.

29 min read

The Wonderful Sheep

A princess is stolen from her castle but meets a wonderful sheep.

30 min read

Autumn Flowers, And The Spring

These things do not happen to the dead, she told herself.

27 min read

Ivy Lodge

That first night in the Lodge, I had the strangest dream, though I didn’t seem to be asleep. A weight was pinning me down, as if a creature were crouching on my chest.

29 min read

Mending Jones

* Story contains bad language

It was eerie sometimes, how a room filled with talking people would quiet up when he spoke. I felt like I was that room full of people then.

29 min read

The Salt Gets in Mr. Valens’ Eyes

* Story contains bad language

The target, the target. I had little to go on.