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30 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 30 minutes read time.

31 min read

Simon at the Shore Line

* Story contains bad language

Are halter-tops and half price Bermudas part of the grand design?

32 min read


A children's story set in the Iron Age. A girl, Morg, makes a wish to the goddess ...

26 min read

The German Woman and the Carpenter

European-flavoured tale of the mysterious, rotund Gudrun Schmidt von Feldenstein and her Mexican winters.

27 min read

How I Became A Man

* Story contains bad language

Inside every gentle, affable guy - and nation - there is a raging beast.

33 min read

The Adventure Of Charles Augustus Milverton

A young Lady employs Holmes to negotiate with London's most notorious blackmailer.

29 min read

Malin Kundang

Adapted from a Minang folk tale from Sumatra, this story tells of the ambitious and resourceful Malin Kundang.

29 min read

The Other Option

Quince returns to the life-selling business, but this time he's got competition

32 min read

An Episode of the Reign of Terror

During the French Revolution, three nuns and a priest live in fear of a man who appears to be watching them.

34 min read

The Daughters of the Late Colonel

Two sisters readjust their lives following the death of their father.

27 min read

The Day of an American Journalist in 2889

A fly-on-the-wall account of a futuristic Citizen Kane's busy daily routine.

25 min read

The Garden Party

Upper and working class collide as young Laura's family throw a lavish garden party.

25 min read

The Big Deal

Quince sells death. No wonder he likes his job.