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54 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 54 minutes read time.

45 min read

The Adventure Of The Norwood Builder

* Story contains bad language

Just as he is about to be arrested for the murder of a client, a young lawyer pays a visit on Holmes and begs him to help prove his innocenc

44 min read

Ken's Mystery

An artist returns from Europe a changed man after a frightening experience involving a mysterious woman and a rotting banjo.

51 min read


A man falls in love with the sister of a ruined landowner, a predatory woman turned cold by a lust for money and status.

61 min read

The Naval Treaty

Holmes comes to the aid of a civil servant who has fallen on hard times following the theft of an important treaty placed in his care.

49 min read

The House Of The Dead Hand

With the promise of a viewing of a lost Leonardo masterpiece, a man visits the home of the obsessive Dr. Lombard and his daughter.

52 min read

The Man Without a Country

* Story contains bad language

The story - so fully realised that many took it to be true - of a young soldier who curses his country and is sentenced never to set foot in

55 min read

The Adventure Of The Priory School

* Story contains bad language

The headmaster of an exclusive boarding school persuades Holmes to track down the abducted son of a wealthy duke.

61 min read

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

* Story contains bad language

A man is told by a palm reader that he will commit a murder. A satirical crime story that cleverly reverses the conventions of the genre.

59 min read

The Repairer Of Reputations

A former mental patient and a deformed eccentric conspire in a fantastic plot.

44 min read

The Red-Headed League

* Story contains bad language

Mystery in which a pawnbroker is offered an apparently unmissable job opportunity - only red-heads need apply.

47 min read

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

* Story contains bad language

When Mr. Charles McCarthy is shot in a wood near Boscombe Pool, all (circumstantial) evidence appears to point at his son. But Holmes has do

55 min read

The Canterville Ghost

* Story contains bad language

When an American minister buys Canterville Chase, a long term resident's life (or death) is thrown into turmoil.