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9 min read stories

Discover a collection of stories which are around 9 minutes read time.

7 min read

The Certification of Brandon

A young man hangs himself in prison. Public defender Audrey Meyers reflects on the events that led to his death.

8 min read


The truth behind the celebrated war hero _____ (name withheld).

8 min read

A Bread And Butter Miss

Speculation about the outcome of the closest Derby race in years intensifies when Lola Pevensey claims to have dreamt the winner.

11 min read

The Lady's Maid

Virtually unprompted, Ellen - the lady's maid - reveals her history, habits and beliefs to a tired visitor.

8 min read

The Disappearance Of Crispina Umberleigh

A domineering wife and mother unobtrusively and inexplicably vanishes.

8 min read


Then one year she started falling ...

11 min read

The Cask of Amontillado

A man takes his enemy to taste a rare wine - which he happens to keep at the far end of a vast, damp cellar.

11 min read

The Girl And The Graft

A New York gentleman desperate for attention from the press enlists the help of a grafter - who learns a valuable lesson about women.

8 min read


Clovis is sceptical that the Baroness' hunting story will be as unusual as promised.

11 min read

Edward Mills And George Benton: A Tale

Story which promotes the argument that a pure, sober and honest man cannot compete against a prodigal son.

11 min read

The Princess and the Puma

A man's attempt to save the woman of his dreams goes embarassingly wrong.

11 min read

John Bartine's Watch

When asked for the time at a party, a man becomes aggressive and is strangely reluctant to look at his watch.