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Short stories around 1 minute

Explore captivating short stories around 1 minute and indulge in the rich narratives of this curated collection. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination.


The wind rustled the dry leaves of a walnut tree on top of the hill, and a dog barked in the road before the house. A wagon came jolting and bumping over the frozen road, and a young man from a...

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The Dumb Man

There is a story about three men in a house in a street that I cannot tell, I have no words. If I could say the words I would sing the story. Three men are in a room in the house, one is young and...

3 min read · Rating: G · Read story

The Man With The Trumpet

I stated it as definitely as I could, and then their eyes wavered. I said they might build temples to their lives, and then I hurled stones at their fleeing harried minds, and then I whispered...

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Evening Song

My song will rest while I rest, and I'll get back to the corn and the open fields, and I'll come out all right. Back of Chicago the open fields.

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Street Scenes in Washington

The mules were my especial delight, and I studied them for an hour. The coquettish mule had small feet, a nicely trimmed tassel of a tail, perked-up ears, and seemed much given to little tosses of...

3 min read · Rating: G · Read story


The dreaming youth went forth to seek, to find, and to make his own Wisdom, virtue, and truth. He was a reformer, outcast, priest, Philosopher and sage, and made his life a gospel sweet, and had...

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A Little Grey Curl

A grey curl from my father's head I find unburned on the hearth, And give it a place in my diary here, With a feeling half sadness, half mirth, For the long white locks are our special pride, But...

2 min read · Rating: G · Read story

A Song from the Suds

While the white foam rises high, I merrily sing, while the clothes are washed, rinsed, and wrung, and then dried. I wish we could wash the stains from our hearts and souls away, and let water and...

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When all are glad and the earth is dressed in flowers, why be sad? The gay birds sing till the forests ring, As they rest in woodland bowers, And the flowers know no sorrow.

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When the heart is full of fears and the way to heaven seems dim, look up and be forgiven, let conscience over thy wayward soul have fullest mastery, and hope on, fight on, and thou shalt win A...

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Little Women

Four little chests all in a row, dim with dust and worn by time, all fashioned and filled long ago By children now in their prime, with faded ribbons and names carved out by a boyish hand. Four...

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My Prayer

I ask for courage and patience in this my latest strait, for hard I find my ten years' task, Learning to suffer and to wait. I long to generously share the hard-earned harvest of these years, but I...

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