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Short stories around 153 minutes

Explore captivating short stories around 153 minutes and indulge in the rich narratives of this curated collection. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination.

The Battle of Life

A fierce battle was fought upon a long summer day when the waving grass was green. Nature soon recovered Her serenity and smiled upon the guilty battle - ground. Doctor Jeddler was a great...

152 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

The Chimes

The wind in the night moans and tries the windows and doors of old buildings, and has a ghostly sound. Toby Veck, a weak, small, spare old man, loved to earn his money and would call out to fast...

158 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story


Felix Henriot came through the streets of London on a January night, and remembered an opportune invitation to the Desert. Helouan danced into letters of brilliance upon the inner map of his...

153 min read · Rating: R · Read story

An Anonymous Story

I had to enter the service of a Petersburg official called Orlov, who was still out of humour. Zinaida Fyodorovna Krasnovsky hated me from the first day. Zinaida Fyodorovna came into the hall and...

150 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story