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Charles Lambert

Born in England, I have called central Italy home since 1980, where I've woven a rich tapestry of literary works that traverse genres and captivate readers. In 2008, my literary journey took a significant step with the publication of my debut novel, "Little Monsters," a work that marked the beginning of my association with Picador. That same year witnessed the release of a collection of my short fiction titled "The Scent of Cinnamon and Other Stories," published by Salt Publishing.

Since my auspicious debut, I have continued to enchant readers with my evocative storytelling. Two novels set against the backdrop of Rome, "Any Human Face" (Picador) and "The View from the Tower" (Exhibit A), followed, each contributing to the mosaic of my literary exploration. A novella, "The Slave House" (Kindle Single), and an intriguingly titled unreliable memoir, "With a Zero at Its Heart" (The Friday Project), showcased my versatility and garnered praise, earning a spot among the Guardian's best books of 2014, with accolades for its poetic, tender, and humorous qualities.

In 2016, I presented readers with "The Children's Home," a captivating tale published by Scribner in the United States and Aardvark Bureau in the UK. This not-so-nice fairy tale, as described by Owen King, delves into the darker facets of magic and human nature, exploring themes of revenge and forgiveness with a unique narrative voice.

The subsequent year brought forth "Two Dark Tales," a collection of novellas published by Aardvark Bureau/Gallic Books, entwining spectral and social foreboding in narratives that linger in the reader's mind. My literary ventures continued to evolve with my most recent novel, "Prodigal," released in 2018 in the UK and 2020 in the USA by Gallic Books. Described by the publisher as a bold take on the queer coming-of-age story, "Prodigal" adds another layer to my exploration of diverse themes and narrative styles.

Throughout my career, I've crafted stories that resonate with readers, blending the magical and the mundane, the poetic and the humorous. My works invite readers to embark on thought-provoking journeys through the landscapes of imagination and human experience, making me a distinctive voice in contemporary literature.

Short Stories member since March 2016
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