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Colleen Anderson

Colleen Anderson embodies a life woven with creativity, from her roots in photography to the branches of sculptural design and the lush landscapes of writing. Armed with a degree in Visual Communications, she embarked on a photographic journey in Ireland, capturing moments until a burglary abruptly interrupted her budding passion. Undeterred, she resiliently replaced her stolen camera, continuing to explore the realms of visual storytelling.

A versatile artist, Colleen expanded her horizons, earning a degree in Creative Writing. Her dual BFAs hint at a rich tapestry of talents, and the prospect of trading them for a Master’s reflects her ceaseless thirst for knowledge. Considering diverse paths such as religious studies or anthropology, she mirrors the vastness of the world's possibilities.

Sculpture found its way into Colleen’s hands, influenced by her association with a cold-glass artist. Glassblowing became a passion, leading to unique creations like the whimsical "It Came From the Glass Studio" slug and a colossal pomegranate masterpiece. Her forays into jewelry-making reveal yet another facet of her creativity.

Writing, a lifelong love, holds a central place in Colleen’s narrative. With a penchant for opinion and a history of drawing and writing since childhood, she blends these passions into a harmonious symphony. A seasoned editor, she has lent her expertise to novels, anthologies, and magazines, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

2018 marked the publication of her collection, "A Body of Work," by Black Shuck Books, UK. Colleen’s grant from the Canada Council in 2017-2018 exemplifies her dedication to storytelling. Her blog musings on the "Muse" and "Worlds of What-if" provide glimpses into the origins of her inspiration.

Colleen envisions a world brimming with intricate beauty, a philosophy that transcends her tales of dark times. Amidst the media's gloom, she champions the innate goodness in humanity. Her belief in balance and the richness of human ingenuity resonates through her work, a testament to her enduring commitment to illuminate the brighter facets of existence.

Short Stories member since July 2021
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