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Dante Zúñiga-West

Dante Zúñiga-West, a captivating storyteller, emerged from the bustling chaos of Los Angeles to carve a unique path through life. A distinguished graduate of Evergreen State College and the Cal Arts MFA Writing Program, Dante's literary prowess shines through his fiction, which has found a home in numerous esteemed literary journals, both in the digital realm and in the tangible embrace of print.

His journey weaves through diverse roles, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his experiences. From molding young minds as a high school English teacher to delving into the world of journalism in alternative newspapers and adventure magazines, Dante's professional tapestry is rich and varied.

Dante's odyssey extends beyond the realm of academia and writing; he has donned the hats of a kitchen cook, graduate teaching assistant, childcare specialist, counselor for the developmentally disabled, bouncer, Muay Thai kickboxing instructor, bartender, cab driver, writing instructor for homeless youth, landscaper, videogame salesman, copy-shop attendant, SAT tutor, freelance journalist, newspaper editor, private security guard, at-risk-youth counselor, and touring musician.

In a conscious departure from the urban hustle, Dante has chosen to live off the grid in the tranquil embrace of the coastal mountain range of Oregon. Here, amidst nature's serenity, he continues to draw inspiration from his eclectic life experiences, creating narratives that resonate with authenticity and depth. Dante Zúñiga-West's journey is a testament to the power of storytelling and the richness that a life well-lived can bring to the tapestry of one's narrative.

Short Stories member since March 2016