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Edward Payson Roe

(1838 - 1888)

A Brave Little Quakeress

A farmhouse built for defense is targeted by a gang of marauders, but the brave daughter, Phebe, saves her father's life and protects her family.

18 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

A Christmas-Eve Suit

A young lawyer, Hedley Marstern, is torn between two young women in his hometown. He takes them both on a sleigh-ride to help him decide, but they end up getting stuck on thin ice. Marstern saves...

29 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

A Native Author Called Roe

An autobiography of the author Edward Payson Roe, discussing his literary career, personal life, and experiences during the Civil War.

53 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

An Unexpected Result

A man seeks revenge on a woman who played with his friend's emotions, but ends up falling in love with her instead.

44 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Caught on the Ebb-Tide

Herbert Scofield goes on vacation to a summer hotel to be close to Minnie Madison, but he struggles to get her attention. One day, they come across a child with a broken leg and work together to...

20 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Christmas Eve in War Times

A soldier returns home on Christmas Eve to his wife and children, who have been struggling with poverty and uncertainty in his absence.

34 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

Jeff's Treasure

Jeff, a slave in the Confederate South, discovers a box of treasure on a battlefield. He dreams of using the riches to change his life and win the affection of a woman. But when he finally opens...

29 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

Queen of Spades

A farmer's daughter returns home from a visit to the city and convinces her father to plant trees around their farm to make it more beautiful. She is joined by a city friend who helps with the...

43 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

Susie Rolliffe's Christmas

A soldier named Zeke longs to return home to his love, Susie, but is torn between his duty to his country and his desire to be with her. Meanwhile, Susie receives a letter from Zeb, another...

49 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Three Thanksgiving Kisses

Three Thanksgiving Kisses by Edward Payson Roe. Elsie Alford, a young girl, mistakenly kisses a stranger who turns out to be her brother's classmate. Awkwardness ensues, but they eventually become...

33 min read · Rating: PG · Read story