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Frederik Pohl

(1919 - 2013)

Frederik Pohl was an American science fiction author, editor, and literary agent, renowned for his contributions to the genre for over 75 years. Born on November 26, 1919, in New York City, Pohl delved into writing early and became an influential force in science fiction's golden age. A member of the Futurians, an influential group of science fiction fans and writers, he helped shape the direction of the genre.

Pohl's career as an author truly took off with his notable works such as "The Space Merchants" (co-written with Cyril M. Kornbluth) and the "Gateway" series, which is part of the broader Heechee saga. His knack for blending social commentary with plausible futuristic scenarios earned him accolades, including multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards.

Besides his writing, Pohl's impact on the field is also marked by his editorship. He edited several prominent science fiction magazines, including Galaxy and If, bringing attention to new talents and works. Moreover, as a literary agent, he represented fellow writers, shaping the genre's commercial and creative landscape.

Pohl remained active in the science fiction community until his death on September 2, 2013. His legacy is that of a visionary who was not just a prolific storyteller but also a builder of the platforms that would broadcast the wild imaginings of countless other science fiction authors.

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