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Heather Christle

Onward and Onward

The Army Benevolent Fund charged veterans rent for cluttered brains, the Indian Ocean demanded respite, and the first buttons were made in Brittany. Last year I determined the precise weight of the...

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Pale Lemon Square

When they say nobody rides horses anymore, they mean that the ineffable sadness has returned, and the library and gymnasium are being redubbed infirmaries. Soon, you and I will drift among the cots...

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Any time you buy anything, buy an extra, in case you really like it. Your shoulder has a light that swells constantly from dim to full-on glow. Maybe one day we will be the two lonely souls forced...

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One of Several Talking Men

Because my head is a magnet for bullets, I am spending the day indoors. I stuffed myself into the reliquary, and I am finding movement difficult, but I would not dream of dancing in this outfit.

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Stroking My Head With My Deception Stick

Someone shut down the local shimmer, but not the police who spent hours arranging their hair. The dead are so vain and hungry that they will straddle your mirrors and swallow your oak trees with...

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The Fledgling Crocus

Soon I will look out the window and see light, nothing but. In Hanover they have detected a weakness, and this house is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and frankly growing colder. Today is the Holiday of...

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We Are Being Paged

The doctors at the hospital let their hair down to keep their necks warm, but they could not get warm. Something wanted to harm the doctors, mildly and over a span of many years.

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Fast Clouds

It sounds good to lie on top of a thing and to melt halfway into it. A raft or a hill.

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The Small Husband

If you want to talk to your husband and he is very small, you lie down on the floor, warm it up, look at the wall where it meets the floor, and close your eyes and say things to your husband.

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Aesthetics of Crying

You meet someone and later you meet their dancing and you have to start again, you like cat one and you like cat two and they do terrible things to each other, and there are pictures of angry horses.

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I was born with a wooden spoon in my ass and neither of us has any money. A house houses just as a cloud pulls the light from a face.

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Nature Poem

Yesterday it was marsh marigolds by the river with my mother and in the afternoon forsythia with Chris, and today it is grass again with ants departing or heading towards each other to exchange...

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