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J. D. Salinger

(1919 - 2010)


A boy named Teddy engages in deep philosophical discussions with an adult on a ship, challenging traditional beliefs and exploring existential concepts.

46 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period

A story of a young man reflecting on his past experiences and his time as an art instructor in Montreal, filled with personal struggles and interactions with unique characters.

54 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes

A gray-haired man and a girl have a conversation about relationships and personal struggles over the phone.

22 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

For Esme with Love and Squalor

A soldier reflects on a past encounter with a young girl named Esme and her brother, discussing various topics in a tearoom, followed by a scene in Bavaria after V-E Day.

41 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Down at the Dinghy

A maid and a housewife discuss the behavior of a child, Lionel, who is playing in a dinghy. The child's mother, Boo Boo, interacts with Lionel and resolves a conflict between them.

18 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

The Laughing Man

The Laughing Man by J. D. Salinger is about a group of boys in the Comanche Club led by the Chief, who tells them the captivating story of the Laughing Man, a kidnapped boy with a unique face,...

27 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Just Before the War with the Eskimos

Two girls play tennis, leading to a confrontation over cab fare. One of the girls meets Selena's brother, who shares his experiences and frustrations. The story ends with a subtle act of kindness...

21 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut

Two former college roommates reminisce about their past and discuss their current lives, revealing secrets and emotions.

25 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

A Perfect Day for Bananafish

A woman with zinc salve on her nose got into the elevator with a young man and Sybil immediately ran down to the flat part of the beach and began to walk in the direction of Fisherman's...

87 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story