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Jørgen Moe

(1813 - 1882)

Jørgen Moe (1813–1882) was a Norwegian folklorist, poet, and bishop who, alongside Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, is famed for his collection and preservation of Norwegian folklore. Moe's work was instrumental in celebrating and documenting Norway's cultural heritage, which was particularly significant during a period of growing national awareness in the 19th century.

Moe was born in Ringerike, Norway, and he displayed an early love for the stories and the natural landscape of his homeland. This passion would define much of his life's work. After attending the University of Oslo, where he met Asbjørnsen, Moe was inspired to embark on a journey to collect traditional tales directly from the rural populace. The duo's rich anthology of folklore emerged from their shared dedication to securing these narratives for posterity.

Best known for their collaborative effort, "Norwegian Folktales," Moe and Asbjørnsen's commitment to authenticity changed the way folktales were approached and appreciated in scholarly circles. This compendium of myth and folklore has served as a cornerstone of Norwegian national identity and literature, resonating with readers across the world.

In his later life, Moe shifted his focus to religious duties, eventually becoming a bishop. Despite this change in vocation, his influence on the literary and cultural landscape of Norway remains profound. His work continues to be celebrated for its role in the preservation of Norwegian folklore and its reflection of the country's spirit and traditions.

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