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Lafcadio Hearn

(1850 - 1904)

A Dead Secret

A rich merchant sent his daughter to Kyoto to be trained in polite accomplishments. She married a friend of her father's family and had one child. When O-Sono fell ill, some family members went...

5 min read · Rating: G · Read story

A Ghost

The nomad must always remain the slave of singular impulses that have no rational source, and which often amaze him no less by their mastering power than by their continuous savage opposition to...

9 min read · Rating: G · Read story

The Story of Ming-Y

Kouei, master of musicians, wrote that peach flowers blossomed over the tomb of Si-Thao five hundred years ago. Ming-Y was appointed Inspector of Public Instruction at the city of Tching-tou, and...

24 min read · Rating: G · Read story


Mosaku and Minokichi were on their way home when a great snowstorm overtook them. They fastened the door to the ferryman's hut, and lay down to rest, but a woman in white blew her breath on...

8 min read · Rating: G · Read story