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Lee Child

Lee Child, born James Dover Grant, is a British author who has gained international fame for his series of thriller novels starring Jack Reacher. A former television director at Grantham University, Child turned to writing after a restructuring at Grantham's commercial television network, ITV, resulted in his redundancy at the age of 40. Choosing a pen name that would have his books shelved between crime fiction legends Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie, Child published his first novel, "Killing Floor," in 1997, which won him the Anthony Award for Best First Novel.

The Jack Reacher series, characterized by its nomadic, ex-military policeman protagonist who wanders the United States righting wrongs and uncovering conspiracies, has been a colossal success, often topping bestseller lists. Child's writing style, fast-paced and direct, reflects Reacher's no-nonsense personality, a feature that has contributed to the series' mass appeal. With well over 20 novels in the series, Lee Child has established himself as a master of the modern thriller genre.

In addition to his writing career, Child has also forayed into Hollywood, with his creation Jack Reacher being adapted into a film series starring Tom Cruise, and later a television series. Child has garnered numerous accolades for his contributions to literature, cementing his status as a heavyweight in thriller storytelling.

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