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Louisa May Alcott

(1832 - 1888)

The Mysterious Key and What It Opened

Richard Trevlyn looked up and threw by the book, then led Lady Trevlyn back to her couch and folded her shawls. Sir Richard lay in his shroud, his little daughter in her cradle, and Hester was...

98 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True

Effie was tired of Christmas and laid herself flat on the sofa. Her mother tied up her bundles and Nursey told her best tales. Effie saw a Christmas spirit, wrapped in white fur, and wanted to be a...

27 min read · Rating: G · Read story

A Country Christmas

Three weeks ago I came up here to Vermont to visit my old aunt and decide whether I will marry a millionnaire and become Aunt Bring. Saul wanted to get out the double sleigh and span, but Sophie...

56 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

A Happy Birthday

A certain fine old lady was seventy-three on the 8th of October, and two little ghosts appeared, followed by a fine dinner and a splendid cake with a gay posy stuck atop of the little Mont...

11 min read · Rating: G · Read story

A Hole in the Wall

Johnny's back hurt after a bad fall, and Pat kept away for a time in high dudgeon. Johnny surveyed his gallery and longed to know who the singer was. Johnny caught up the old scissors in his lap...

43 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

A Modern Cinderella

A modern cinderella or, the little old shoe.

55 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Sixty years ago a white-headed baby lay in the old blue cradle that had rocked seven other babies. A few flakes caused the farmer to predict bad weather, but the children were busy, gay. When...

36 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Aunt Kipp

Toady was regarded as a reprobate by all but his mother Van Bahr Lamb, but he bolted out the truth. Toady was taken aback when Aunt Kipp entered the garden, let go of his shoe-strings, and fell...

39 min read · Rating: G · Read story

A Whisper in the Dark

As we rolled along, I scanned my companion covertly, and saw much to interest a girl of seventeen. I answered readily, and told him about my cousin Guy. Twilight wrapped us in its shadows when I...

84 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Cousin Tribulation's Story

When I was little girl, I had a slice of dry bread and an apple for New Year's breakfast. As we came down to breakfast that morning, we found father alone in the dining-room. Mamma came in, looking...

4 min read · Rating: G · Read story

Cupid and Chow Chow

Ma called her rosy, dimpled, year-old baby Cupid, who fell back blinded when Aunt Susan's hand went up. But the boy walked out of the room without a word. Chow-chow was quite affable for some days...

36 min read · Rating: G · Read story

Debby's Debut

On a cheery June day, Penelope Carroll and her niece Debby Wilder were driving to a gay watering-place when Debby turned a page and a serious black-bearded gentleman watched them with...

70 min read · Rating: PG · Read story