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Lucy Maud Montgomery

(1874 - 1942)

Lucy Maud Montgomery, born in Clifton, Prince Edward Island, was a celebrated Canadian author best known for her Anne of Green Gables series, which has charmed readers for over a century. Orphaned by her mother's death and father's abandonment, Montgomery was raised by her strict grandparents. She sought solace in reading, writing, and the pastoral beauties of her island home.

A true trailblazer for women writers, Montgomery was initially a teacher but pursued writing passionately. In 1908, she published her first novel, "Anne of Green Gables," which became an instant success, allowing her to focus on writing full-time. The series, which follows the fiery redhead Anne Shirley's adventures, reflects Montgomery’s own experiences and love for Prince Edward Island.

Montgomery penned 20 novels, over 500 short stories, an autobiography, and numerous poems. Her works have been celebrated for their storytelling, rich characterisations, and depiction of Canadian identity.

Despite her professional success, Montgomery faced personal challenges, including a battle with depression and an unhappy marriage. Still, she remained prolific until her death on April 24, 1942. Her legacy continues to inspire, with her works seeing adaptations into films, television, and theatre.

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