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Mary Adebukola Adelakun

Mary Adelakun loves writing. She started with inspirational writing and then ventured into fictional writing. One of her works of fiction is New Wine, a book published on Amazon both in ebook and paperback format. She is health-inclined in her academic journey and also writes public health articles on Medium.

Mary is a citizen of Nigeria and hails from Egbado North in Ogun State. She was raised by one of the Lagos State government teachers who happens to be her mother, alongside her two older sisters.

Mary as a child, grew up reading foreign books brought to her by her mum and a neighbor called Ottocontents like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, a British author, and the Yo Stories series by an unknown author.

Mary as a teenager, grew up reading many high school novels like Without A Silver Spoon, Echoes of Mercy, Silver Lining, Ralia the Sugar Girl, Boomerang, Too Late To Mend and some other literature in the Yoruba language.

Mary would always gather literature from her older sisters and read it, even university-level literature while she was just in high school. She would read a novel in a jiffy.

Mary's journey into writing was more God-orchestrated and she had a mentor who loved writing and introduced her to it by giving her a first-time writing assignment.

Today, writing is not just Mary's hobby but a professional path she is taking, with eight years of experience and practice. She is a blessing to many lives and still counting.

Short Stories member since November 2023
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