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Meg Pelliccio

Roadside Shoes

Most people would see that shoe and assume a drunken partygoer had forgotten or that perhaps a car had driven past and it unknowingly fell from the window. But Jenny knew better.

9 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

Heaven Sent

They came from above.

18 min read · Rating: R · Read story

The Collector

He clawed at the brittle bark and waited, losing fragments of his memory as parts of his brain decomposed and crumbled away. He could hardly believe that all of his dark desires were about to...

13 min read · Rating: R · Read story


Adrian flicked through the messages on his phone as the rain drummed against the window panes, and blurted out a string of expletives. He grabbed a torch and went to find the most secluded table in...

13 min read · Rating: R · Read story