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O. Henry

Babes In The Jungle

Two low-lives from the west go to New York with plans to relieve the fool inhabitants of their cash.

The Robe Of Peace

The strange and incredible truth behind the sudden disappearance of Johnny Bellchambers.

The Unknown Quantity

A heir has an attack of concience and tries to 'pay back' his capitalist father's ill-gotten gains - but finds it harder than he imagined.

An Unfinished Story

The narrator's entrance into the afterlife is used to frame a story highlighting the pitiful conditions of one girl's working life.

The Call Of The Tame

An Arizona man on a brief trip to New York bumps into an old friend - but finds him changed by his seven years in the city.

Strictly Business

The story behind the celebrated vaudeville team of (Bob) Hart & (Winona) Cherry. A witty tale of theatre folk.

The Duel

An artist and a businessman travel from the west to seek their fortunes in New York.

A Night In New Arabia

When millionaire Jacob Spraggins, Esq. hits his late fifties, he begins to worry about his soul's salvation.

The Last Leaf

It is not Pneumonia alone that is killing Johnsy - for some reason, she has resigned herself to death.

A Municipal Report

A portrait of Nashville through the eyes of an adventurous stranger.

The Girl And The Graft

A New York gentleman desperate for attention from the press enlists the help of a grafter - who learns a valuable lesson about women.

The Princess and the Puma

A man's attempt to save the woman of his dreams goes embarassingly wrong.