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O. Henry

Compliments Of The Season

A narrator who believes that children are pestilential little animals tells a Christmas story about the daughter of the Millionaire and her

The Furnished Room

A young man searches for his lost love around the filthy bedsits of New York.

The Thing's The Play

The story of the violinist Ramonti and a woman with two jealous suitors.

Proof Of The Pudding

A bedraggled writer corners the editor of a respected publication and demands to know why his story has been rejected.

The Gift of the Magi

A trigic, ironic Christmas for one hard up couple.

The Gold That Glittered

General Falcon - revolutionary - arrives in New York from Columbia unprepared for both the golden-haired ladies and the silver-tongued con-a

A Ramble In Aphasia

First-person account of a successful lawyer's sudden loss of memory and the resulting adventure.

The Venturers

A Venturer - one who does not ask a schedule and map from Fate when he begins a journey. Two venturers challenge eachother.

The Day Resurgent

Danny McCree wakes up one morning to find it's Easter Day and his father's on about hippopotamuses.

Past One At Rodney's

A tough gang member wanted for murder meets a lady in a bar.

The Girl And The Habit

The story of Miss Merriam, the lovely, capable cashier at Hinkle's.

The Ransom of Red Chief

Two kidnappers fail to heed the old adage - never work with children.