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Parker Fillmore

(1878 - 1944)

Parker Fillmore was an American author, folklorist, and translator best known for his retellings of Eastern European folktales. Born in Ohio, Fillmore had a diverse career ranging from journalism to advertising before he found his niche in children’s literature. With a personal passion for fairy tales and folklore, Fillmore's work often brought life to the rich storytelling traditions of countries like Czechoslovakia, Finland, and Slavic nations, reflecting their cultural uniqueness and universal themes.

His collections, such as "The Shoemaker's Apron: A Second Book of Czechoslovak Fairy Tales and Folk Tales" (1920) and "Mighty Mikko: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales" (1922), have been praised for preserving these stories for English-speaking audiences. Fillmore traveled extensively in Eastern Europe, immersing himself in local cultures and languages, which lent authenticity to his translations and adaptations. His narratives were not mere translations but skillfully crafted renditions that retained the spirit and detail of the originals while being accessible to young readers.

In addition to folktale collections, Fillmore wrote original children's stories and worked as an editor. His legacy lies in his contribution to the popularization of international folklore in the United States and his dedication to the storytelling craft, ensuring these tales were not lost to time but instead shared and celebrated.

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